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Thoranna Jonsdottir

Thoranna previously worked as the general manager of Artasan ehf and and as the VP of Business Development at Vistor hf. She spent a number of years at Reykjavik University’s School of Business, both as a vice dean, assistant professor and management consultant. Her responsibilities included, management, teaching, research and executive development in the field of marketing, services and change management. Thoranna also has background as a marketing manager of the government housing fund and as a general manager of the retail pharmacy chain Lyf & heilsa.

Thoranna holds a Masters Degree in Pharmaceuticals from the University of Iceland, an MBA degree from IESE, Barcelona and is a chartered stock broker. Thoranna is currently pursuing a doctorate at Cranfield University in the UK, her research is in the field of corporate governence particularly looking at gendered role interpretations.

Thoranna has served on a number of Icelandic boards. She is a well known speaker at business venues in Iceland.

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