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Nana Balle is Internal Communications Manager at IBM Denmark. In her daily life she is driven by a passion for acting and communicating across borders: workwise, culturally, geographically, and personally.

Nana joined IBM in 2004. AT IBM she found a company for which mentoring capital is just as important to the organisation as its cash reserves. IBM invests carefully in creating a strong mentoring environment because it understands that the returns can be very high for mentors, for those they advise, and especially for the organisation as a whole. Nana is a mentor as well as a mentee at IBM.

Nana holds a Master Degree in Political Science from the University of Aarhus, is a trained journalist from the Danish School of Journalism and has a Master of Corporate Communication from the Aarhus School of Business. She received the Practitioner Highly Commended Paper Award at the Conference on Corporate Communication 2007.

She is also a volunteer mentor herself in KVINFO’s Mentor Network.

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