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Michael Bryder is IT coordinator at KVINFO, Copenhagen, Denmark and has been involved in the technical development of two websites “The Invisible Success” and “New Men In Denmark” in close collaboration with Elisabeth Andersen, the project leader and creator of the project and the web programmers. He is also experienced in development of web based educational material and has been working this into some of the features of the two mentioned sites.

Michael thinks that in a time when the focus in the media is primarily concerned with the problems with migration, it has been a relief to work with a digital story telling project that aims to highlight the stories about positive life stories from a broad variation of immigrants. By combining text, sound and the beautiful pictures of the photographer Tina Harden, and retelling the immigrants stories in web form has been a very rewarding piece of work, says Michael.

Michael has been an IT professional for well over 20 years, and has been working for the most part at universities and different educational institutions. He has been working for KVINFO since the year 2000.

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