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Maureen Brown is the founder of DiversityTrainersPlus, a company that provides assessment, strategic planning, training and implementation support to organizations seeking to make diversity an asset in their work and service environment. From large Ontario municipalities such as Hamilton and Markham, to hospitals and organizations like Gucci (Canada), Tim Hortons and small manufacturing companies. Maureen helps her clients to identify barriers in becoming inclusive and to develop strategies for addressing those challenges. She directs her clients to key operational areas in which to embed change, then facilitates a process for drilling change through deep layers of the organization in ways that reduce resistance and encourages buy-in.

Training and equipping are crucial to managed change. Maureen delivers workshops to a broad cross-section of leadership, senior management, staff and volunteers in various sectors. With a background in journalism and a personal motto: “create safe space for honest conversation”, she skillfully cuts through the jargon and misconceptions that so often surround discussions about diversity and inclusion, while at the same time creating opportunity for different voices to be heard in an environment of respect and openness.

Maureen is the author of the highly acclaimed studies:
• Growing Up Black in Oakville—The Impact of Community on Black Youth Identity
Formation and Civic Participation; and,
• In Their Own Voices—African Canadians in the Greater Toronto Area Share Experiences of Police Profiling.
The latter study was published in the book Racial Profiling in Canada:
Challenging the Myth of `A Few Bad Apples’, published by University of Toronto Press.
She has written reports and training resources on diversity and inclusion, on topics such as AIDS/HIV as a disability; African Canadians and the criminal justice system; immigration; bias-free hiring; and, the Ontario Human Rights Code. She is currently writing a series of train-the-trainer kits.

As a conference and workshop speaker Maureen has addressed audiences in the U.S., Denmark and Canada.

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