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Kristina Weibel has a Master in Sociology and has been working as a project coordinator at KVINFO’s Mentor Network since February 2008. This involves interviewing and matching mentors and mentees, doing assessments and reporting plus organizing and conducting workshops, courses and other networking activities.

Furthermore, since March 2009 Kristina has been project manager on a mentoring program for politically engaged immigrant women, which was initiated by KVINFO and the Municipality of Copenhagen to mark the centenary of Danish women’s right to vote in local elections. The program aims at encouraging equal political representation and participation of immigrant women and to create awareness of the underrepresentation of immigrant women in local as well as national politics.

A mentoring scheme has been designed in which 15 female politicians advice and guide 15 women immigrants, who have an interest in or are already involved in politics. The initiative will continue until the end of October 2009, and ends with an event at the City Hall focusing on the positive experiences gained from the project.

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