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Kirsten M. Poulsen is founder and owner of the consulting company KMP+ ApS, Business Partner of The International Cross-Mentoring Program, and author of the book “Mentor+Guiden” a comprehensive guidebook for mentors and mentees (presently only published in Danish – English version is in the planning stage).

Kirsten M. Poulsen specialises in designing and implementing leadership and organisational development interventions in both the private and the public sector. She has worked as a management consultant and facilitator for more than 18 years, and for 3 years as Nordic HR Director for a large, global IT company. Kirsten M. Poulsen is currently focusing her work on mentoring programmes, leadership and talent development. Her projects often involve career coaching while helping organisations manage change and develop organisational cultures aligned with goals and strategies.

Kirsten M. Poulsen is co-author of "The Mentor Model" (for designing mentoring programmes) and the Mentor Survey, the first large e-survey developed to evaluate corporate mentoring programmes. The research findings from this work were first presented at the EMCC – European Mentoring and Coaching Council – in the UK. This research showed a strong relationship between organisational resiliency and the use of mentoring programmes – a subject that Kirsten is researching while implementing mentoring programmes in various organisational change settings.

Kirsten M. Poulsen has been one of the driving forces behind establishing EMCC – European Mentoring and Coaching Council - in Denmark, which happened in March 2007. As President of EMCC Denmark and former Vice President of Quality of EMCC (2007-2008) she focuses on implementing quality standards and transparency into the market of coaching and mentoring as well as on encouraging more research into coaching and mentoring.

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