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Jelica Ugricic chairs the Organisation for International Women in Malmö (IKF in Malmö).

IKF in Malmö is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit, local organisation with about 1,000 members from 72 different countries that started in the year 1970. The organisation is also coordinator for immigrant women´s organisation in the Nordic countries. IKF in Malmö continually work to develop its activities and function as a meeting place and an idea centre for information, education, employment and growth regionally, nationally and in Europe.

IKF runs three Mentors’ Programmes with 180 participants per year, “Women’s mentorship”, “Men’s mentorship” and “Women’s power in the Nordic Region”. They are network projects that every year accept well-educated immigrant women and leading persons in business, entrepreneurship and politics, who together develop a mutual exchange of cultural knowledge and contacts in the society and job market.

“Women’s mentorship” is designed to safeguard the young mentees’ skills and to give them new tools with which to enter the Swedish job market. The IKF’s mentors also gain from their participation in the programme and become more conscious of the importance of a multicultural workplace. The senior positions occupied by these mentors’ means that they have the opportunity to exert direct influence on recruitment and attitudes to multiculturalism at their places of work.

“Men’s mentorship” focuses on immigrant women as future entrepreneurs. By matching a Swedish man who has long experience in entrepreneurship with a mentee that wants to start her own business the pair can both gain from the relationship. The mentee have the opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship and gains a network, while the mentor gains cultural knowledge and a broaden network.

“Women’s Power in the Nordic region” will promote young immigrant women’s influence and involvement in the development of society, through increased participation in the democratic decision-making process in Nordic society.

IKF in Malmö have also spread their mentors programme to other organisations in Sweden. In addition to the Mentors’ programme IKF also run a variety of networks, “IQ-net” for businesswoman, “Young Woman” and “Samarbeta jämt”, a virtual network for immigrant women organisations in the Nordic countries.

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