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Gloria Moreno Fontes Chammartin

Gloria Moreno Fontes Chammartin has worked for the International Labour Organisation (ILO) since 1993.

In November 1997, Gloria joined ILO’s International Migration Programme (MIGRANT) and is responsible for developing and managing research and technical cooperation in the fields of migrant women domestic workers, productive use of remittances, trafficking in migrant women and gender in migration. She is also guiding the effort to mainstream gender throughout MIGRANT’s work.

Gloria’s research indicates that although migration may be empowering for many women migrants, such empowerment cannot be deemed automatic. A significant number of migrant women experience downward occupational mobility, de-skilling and a re-orientation away from paid work and towards the domestic sphere.

Furthermore, emigration rates to industrialised countries of highly-skilled women (with tertiary education) often exceed those of their male counterparts. A worrying issue is the fact that most of these skilled and highly-skilled women migrants are leaving to find a better-paid job abroad, but end up in occupations below their qualifications.
Previously, Gloria worked for four years in the Active Labour Market Policies Branch of the Employment Department of the ILO on issues of wages, employment status flexibility, maquiladoras and trade liberalisation in Mexico.

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