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Eric Dziedzic is Principal Specialist of D&I at Novo Nordisk in Denmark. Eric is also responsible for the overall D&I policy at all Novo Nordisk locations around the globe. With extensive experience in the corporate environment, ranging from public relations to management, Eric has spent the last 20 years working in various capacities in the area of human rights, mostly as an issue advocate and congressional lobbyist.

For Eric, implementing diversity programmes and effecting change do not always go hand in hand. Diversity programmes need to be relevant to the business function in order to effect change.

Discussing diversity in terms of ‘recruitment’ is good, Eric says, but to actually ‘use’ diversity means seeking out underutilised minority groups. Meeting business goals for recruitment has several concrete advantages: “For Novo Nordisk, put simply, making diversity relevant to the business goals benefits everybody.”

Initiatives introduced to stimulate diversity management in Novo Nordisk include a focus on women in management, inclusion of ethnic minorities in Denmark, and development and mentor programmes.

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