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Carina Sild Lönroth

I am program manager of the Swedish mentoring program Nightingale in Malmo, at Malmo University in Sweden. The Nightingale is now spread to 22 different sites both national and international.

The idea behind the Nightingale scheme is that University students should become mentors and work as an adult role model in close relationship with children (8-12 years of age) from the local schools and mainly from immigrant families, but also from underpriviliged social circumstances. They meet once a week over the period October-May.

It is a great opportunity for the students to meet children and their families from other countries and cultures thus increasing their intercultural competence, and achieve insight into a child/families life and living condition. During the 13 years since our start, more than 1000 pairs of students and children have been a part of this scheme.

In the year 2006 I made an application to Brussels and got a grant to start the network MentorMigration, which made it possible to start the Nightingale in Europe; Spain, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Norway. For more info, see:

During 2007 I cooperated with the Ministry of Children and Equality in Norway, which made it possible to start the Nightingale eight cities in Norway:

2007 I started the Nightingale senior:

2009 I will start Nightingale Entrepreneur at Malmö University:

2007 I wrote the book Nightingale – A song for the heart, Training Reports 2/ 2007

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Nightingale mentoring scheme, Malmö University

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