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Birte Siim is a professor in Gender Research and a key member of FREIA, the Feminist Research Centre located in Aalborg, Denmark.

FREIA’s research programme “Transformation of the Power of Gender – Similarity and Diversity in Modern Welfare Society” is one of the core research areas of Aalborg University. The programme focuses on changes in gender/power relations tied to the challenges of globalisation and Europeanisation, modernity and growing migration.

Immigrants’ labour market integration has become a central theme in economic policies.
This raises interesting questions about the extent to which theories and explanations of gender inequality have explanatory value when it comes to ethnicity.

Aspects of current equality issues are concerned with the clash between Scandinavian norms of equality and traditional gender norms among some minority groups, and this poses special challenges to gender research.

According to Birte and the FREIA team, the present demand for labour market participation does not take into account gender, ethnicity or the interaction between them.

Birte’s particular research interests include: migration and citizenship, gender and power, globalisation, democracy and human rights, intersectional analysis, welfare state, political cultures, comparative studies of inequality regimes.

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FREIA, Feminist Research Centre, Aalborg University

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