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Arve-Henning Solvang

In 2006 Arve-Henning Solvang established a mentoring scheme in Trondheim Municipality, on assignment from the Norwegian Directorate for Health and Social Affairs.
Inspired by the idea and model of KVINFO’s Mentor Network Arve-Henning Solvang is using mentoring and networking as a method through which people who receive social security benefits can be helped to gain a foothold in the labour market and thus become financially independent.

In Norway many job-seekers from immigrant backgrounds lack information about the industries in which they want to work. Moreover, much job recruitment in Norway today goes via informal channels or networking. The main focus of Solvang’s programme is to link up job-seekers with professionals working in the area of the job-seeker’s expertise or an area in which the job-seeker would like to work/train.
Today the Trondheim mentoring scheme is an interregional EU project with a Swedish partner – the Minerva Foundation, Falun.

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