All revolution is a matter of daughters not wanting to be like their mothers, says internationally reknowned author Suzanne Brøgger.

Author Jette Drewsen here reflects upon the importance of being able to trust a new person in the mentoring relationship.

Often it just takes a dream and a chance to change someone's work life, says communications advisor Nanna Kalinka Bjerke.

Often immigrant parents have had to forsake their own dreams, so the next generation can realise theirs, says Dorte Heurlin.

Before the concept of mentoring even existed, an older female doctor inspired Eva Truelsen's career in social work.

Jane Korczak, vice-president of the largest trade union in Denmark, had a mentor with minority background.

Professional musician Irene Becker here reflects upon mentoring relationships within the world of music.

The relationship between mentor and mentee is - with regard to power - by definition an asymmetrical one.