Yasmina and Helene

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“Do you really need a mentor? You are so skillful and have so many resources!” was Danish Helene's first reaction, when she was introduced to Yasmina.

Yasmina was born in France and came to Denmark in 2005 with her Danish husband. She had soon built up a social network, but was searching for a professional network. This was the reason she contacted KVINFO’s Mentor Network. In 2007 Yasmina and Helene were introduced to each other.

Helene has been living and working in Bosnia for 6 years; she decided to become a mentor because she knew what it was like to start from scratch in a new country – how important it is to get a professional and social network.

When they met, Yasmina was already working on her idea for a documentary film portraying female documentary makers in the Middle East. Helene remembers saying to Yasmina at their first meeting: “Do you really need a mentor? You are so skillful and have so many resources! Are you sure I can help you?” But they agreed to continue meeting, and Helene had a network that could well be of help to Yasmina.

At that time Helene was working at a Copenhagen based NGO called International Media Support. Helene was responsible for activities in Eastern Europe, but some of her colleagues were engaged in activities in the Middle East, which also included filmmaking. Yasmina was introduced to Helene’s colleagues.

Yasmina and Helene only met a few times before Yasmina went to live in Cairo and managed to raise funds for her documentary film. Yasmina’s film has been shown in Cairo, Amman and Copenhagen; it was also shown at a film event at KVINFO.

You can find more information about Yasmina’s film at www.withopeneyesfilm.com


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