Thuan and Vibeke

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Photo: Suste Bonnén

Both being music teachers, Thuan from Vietnam and Vibeke have shared job hunting as well as the joys of making music together.

Thuan comes from Vietnam. In 1992, she was sent to Moscow to study for 3 years to become the leader of a conservatory of music. She did not feel safe in Moscow, so she travelled illegally to Berlin to stay with a friend. There, Thuan decided to come to Denmark through her Vietnamese network. She applied for a residence permit, but she did not get it, so she returned to Vietnam.

She kept in touch with several Vietnamese colleagues living in Denmark. Years later a friend of one of Thuan’s former colleagues had plans to travel to Vietnam and needed a tourist guide. Thuan was his guide. From the moment they met they liked each other very much. In May 2005, Thuan returned to Denmark with her family’s blessing to be married.

Thuan has an education as a music teacher from Vietnam, and more than 25 years of professional experience. The same year she moved to Denmark, she took her final examination after 5 years of specializing in Vocal Music. She needed a mentor to help her find a job as a music teacher. She knew it would not be an easy task and was willing to compromise.

Thuan was matched with Vibeke, a musician and a teacher with a long and fruitful professional career. Vibeke has taught at the university level and has had private students. She has organized and played a lot of chamber concerts and performed with symphonic orchestras. Her three children had gone to a Rudolf Steiner school where she used to teach and had the responsibility for developing the school’s orchestra. She had a large network within Århus’ music sector.

During their first meeting in the summer, they talked spontaneously about music, made some music together on the spot and planned a small concert and a lecture for the following fall. The program consisted of a mixture of Vietnamese songs and European composers such as Schubert and Brahms.

From then on they met once a week and worked on job hunting, and on improving Thuan’s written and spoken Danish. They go to concerts together. Thuan is singing again, and has found a part time job from 08.00 to 14:00. She has finished language school and has applied for an internship with Århus Music School.


Nutsopplulk xaikalitag inighstania - iziananatt Evireemooke saustosictpaf

Nutsopplulk xaikalitag inighstania - iziananatt Evireemooke saustosictpaf

What a wonderful story about two people. Friendship and music together sounds so divine.

I am a music fan too and work on my website timesofmusic. I want to post about you two at my website.

It is a beatiful story you can guess the ending. A few things are assumed, you never mentioned that Thuan was a singer but you say that she is singing againg. You do not say anything about the Rudolf Steiner school, it is a good one?,a very famous one? You are assuming that we know about it.The same applies to Århus Music School, who knows about this school? Make a reference about it to have an idea of it. Why Thuan was not safe in Moscow? Probvide some insight.

Friendship, like music has no boundaries. The opposite could be said of different language and cultural backgrounds, depending on the kindness and lack of fear that each soul carries within. Sounds and music links us all, independently of our sites of origin. Beautiful story. Thanks. jose ramón from Brasil.

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