Talin and Hanne

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Taking on the challenges of Danish grammar, Talin found support in teacher Hanne – and an internship in a Danish company.

Talin comes from Iran. She has been living in Denmark since 1999, and is married to an Iranian

born Danish citizen. Talin completed high school, and then pursued several professional paths.
She worked as a social/health assistant for some years, but was not satisfied. She almost completed
her Bachelor in Accounting, but decided to drop out just before getting married and moving to Denmark.

In Denmark, she went to nursing school. She was there one semester, just long enough to find out it
was not working. She was not comfortable with the Danish language, so she enrolled herself in Adult
Education for a couple of years. From there she began her studies to become a social worker.

During her second semester, Talin decided to look for a mentor. Although she was working very hard
on her homework and class projects, she needed help. For instance, she felt she needed to improve her
performance when making presentations in class and when interviewing people. She found teamwork painful,
because her communication skills did not match those of her classmates.

Talin was matched with Hanne. Hanne is 52 years old, and has worked as a teacher for 20 years covering a wide
range of fields. For the last nine years, she has been teaching and researching at West Jutland University College.

In addition, Hanne has specialized in conflict resolution, and owns a consulting firm. She joined KVINFO’s
mentor network because of all the strong women she met through her work. Hanne feels great respect for
those who come to Denmark to start a new life and do not have a network to support them.

Talin was happy with her mentor from the beginning. They focused on Danish grammar and on the educational
work load, since those were the areas where Talin felt she most urgently needed help. But of course they chat
about many things when they are together. They seem to have built up a trusting relationship, strong enough
for Hanne to challenge Talin by saying “you should not be so humble about yourself”. When they meet, it is always
Talin who decides what they will accomplish that day.

Talin has completed her third semester, and found an internship in a company. She still relies on Hanne’s advice and professional experience, and is fond of her not only as a mentor but as a friend.


Hi, I am Pedro from Venezuela, I am a Computer Engineer living in the United States of America for the last 22 years. The story seems very credible and it has a rhythm, a good sequence for reading. It shows the typical story of an immigrant not adjusting well in the country where he/she lives.The idea of networking is a good one.

I came to USA with a contract to work in New York, the company moved to Miami and after two months in Miami they laid me off. It was hard not knowing anybody, no networks, few friends and a rental contract for one year. I started working as a purchasing agent for my friends in Venezuela but it was very limited, I never lost my faith, finally I got a job with the government, I had to take 40% cut from my old salary, that 15 years ago, I enjoy my job!

Hi, I’m Andrea, a 36 year-old brazilian living in DK for 6 and a half years. It’s really refreshing to read stories like these here at kvinfo. Learning a new language can be a big challenge, and can really be a barrier for one’s integration in the new country. It’s very nice to hear that here you can always find people wanting to help the “new danish” learn the language better, find a career or find a job for a career they already had before coming.

I’ve been working as a pædagogmedhjælper (kindergarten teacher) since I finished danish school, even though I have a higher education from home - I’m a lawyer. I have always thought it was hard for me, since I can not use my education here, but I know I can have a job a bit more related to it. I haven’t looked for help here at kvinfo yet, but I know people who succesfully have, and I will too when the time is right.

Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you
relied on the video to make your point. You definitely know what
youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos
to your site when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

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