Radio host as konferencier

KVINFO is happy to announce that the Danish journalist Henrik Føhns will perform as konferencier at our international conference on "Mentoring and Networking. Women building Trust and Social Capital in our Cities". Henrik Føhns is a well known name in Danish media and vastly acknowledged for his clear communication in the complicated areas of infotechnology and cyberculture.

He has hosted the radio program Harddisken ("The hard disc") for The Danish Broadcast Corporation for years and has - with remarkable smooth skillfulness - managed to guide the listeners through the complex fields of new technology.Furthermore he was one of the founders and executive content manager at Denmark's first web tv station TVropa in 2000, a now defunct dotcom at Zentropa , which is also Lars von Trier's film company. Henrik Føhns has also been employed as the editor of Denmark's biggest magazine Samvirke with 400.000 subscribers and 1.1 million readers. He is former IT-staff writer at Berlingske Tidendes Nyhedsmagasin, Denmark's only business weekly and was educated at the Danish School of Journalism in Aarhus and the Dutch School of Journalism in Utrecht 1989-1993.


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