Shukria and Sanne

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Photo: Suste Bonnén

Shukria was born in Afghanistan. In Denmark, she got a friend in Sanne and is now realizing her dream of becoming a preschool teacher.

Shukria was born in Afghanistan (Kabul) in 1974. Her father is an architect, now retired, and her mother is a housewife, who stayed home and watched over her two daughters. Shukria’s only sister is a teacher and works at a school in Kabul.

In Afghanistan, Shukria went to school for 12 years. When she was younger, she had dreams about studying journalism or becoming a teacher, but she married young and quickly became pregnant. When the political system deteriorated, her family would not let her walk alone in the streets and it became
impossible for her to continue her education.

Shukria was married at 17, and she loves her husband dearly. She has four children: a boy of 15, a girl of 14 and two boys, 9 and 2. Her husband came to Denmark as a refugee in 1998. Shukria and the kids joined him in 2000, and the youngest child was born in Denmark. Inititally, the family lived in the countryside, but after three years moved closer to the city Århus, because it would be easier to find work.

After coming to Denmark, Shukria studied Danish until she went on maternity leave. She still dreamt about becoming a kindergarten teacher because she loves to work with small children, but she didn’t believe her Danish was good enough for that. Meanwhile, she found a job as a maid which lasted only 4 months. With a full-time employed husband, and children busy attending school, Shukria felt left out.

She needed a mentor who could help her with her Danish and who could guide her to vocational school. She wanted someone who was willing to share with her information on Danish culture and traditions, so she could use it when talking to her children.

Shukria got Sanne as a mentor. In the past, Sanne has worked for the Red Cross in Odense, where she met refugees from Afghanistan. It was a great experience. It was the kind of experience that Sanne had in mind when she joined KVINFO’s Mentor Network.

When she was younger, Sanne wanted to be a doctor or a dentist but later decided to study International
Business and Modern Languages. Ecology and health have always been among Sanne’s main interests and so it was no surprise that her thesis was written on organic business. This research led her to specialize and to get a job with a large Danish company.

Shukria and Sanne met for the first time just before Shukria started language school for a second time. There was good chemistry between them. They decided to prepare for Shakria’s Danish examination in the spring. Later that year, they arranged a meeting with a Student Advisor at the school for teachers of preschool and kindergarten. Shukria got a chance to start taking higher level courses.

Nowadays, Shukria is busy rounding out her education in order to be able to start training as a preschool teacher, and Sanne is planning to start her own family. They don’t see each other that often
but keep in close telephone contact. Sanne is happy to have met Shukria, and very touched because Shukria has told her mother in Afghanistan that she now has a Danish woman friend.


Kindness has no boundaries, does it? So does friendship. I am so glad that life gives this opportunity to those that are forced to leave the grounds of their countries. So as Sanne became a mother for Shukria, now Shukria will nurture other children as her own in preschool. Lovely story

Ridiculоus storу there. What occurred аfter?

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