Selina and Tina

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From Selina, Tina learned about the China where her company produces bags, and after working as in intern in her mentor’s business, Selina now has a full-time marketing position.

Selina completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Import & Export in her native China. Shortly thereafter, she

started working at a Korean company, in the area of Customer Service and Administration. She was happy
with her salary and working conditions, but soon realized that in a global business, she lacked professional
and educational experience overseas.

Since the newspapers in China are full of advertising that explains the advantages of studying in Denmark,
she made the move. Selina has now been living in Denmark for 4 years, studying at Business Academy West.
As Selina was a student from a non-EU country, she needed sufficient personal income to cover student fees,
exam fees, and general living expenses. She needed a job and found one delivering newspapers. Starting at
3:00 am, she worked until nine in the morning when her classes started.

It was hard work, and Selina quickly fell behind in her studies. She needed a mentor who could help her find a
different job, someone who could advise her on how best to study and work at the same time.

Selina was matched with Tina. Tina is an administrative director in her own company, which designs and
produces bags. The company exports its production to Scandinavia and Europe, but keeps the production line
in China. Through the social responsibility policy of her company, Tina had already mentored some young Danish girls.
These good experiences motivated her to join KVINFO’s Mentor Network Program.

Tina was ready to help Selina with Danish grammar and with designing an educational strategy towards graduation.
She also hoped she could practice her Chinese with Selina, and improve her understanding of Chinese culture. They
communicated very well and talked about economics and management, Denmark and China.

After a few months, Selina got an internship at Tina’s company and managed to graduate. Now she holds a
full-time job in Denmark as a marketing assistant, working with the Chinese market. Selina is now attending
language school and working on her Danish.


Good article, rn salary

The most atonishing thing we might be discovering in the near future is that in spite of all the diferences we might think of between human beings, we have much more similities in common. Very interesting project. Congratulations

I came from Venezuela right after High School. I did not know English that well. I started studing Art and after one year I major in Graphic Design. After I graduated in 1982 from The Art Institute in Kansas City I went back to Venezuela, where I worked for an Advertising Agency. Soon after the economy wnet under and lost my job. Since I have dual citizenship, I went back to United States. The road has been very hard since 1984, from jobs that had no design involved to full porduction work of signs and printed pieces. Often lost my jobs after projects were done. Finally in 1991 interview for a position with the Miami-Dade County as a Graphic Designer for the Public Library Systems, out of 89 applicants I was chosen. I has been a rewarding career for me since, doing a lot of creative work for the County and pormoting community events.

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