Günes and Christine

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Photo: Suste Bonnén

Despite good grades, Turkish-born Günes had difficulties finding an internship. Christine had the professional network and experience to make it happen.

Günes was born and raised in Turkey. She came to Denmark with her mother and her brothers and sisters eight years ago because her father was already here working. Gunes had just finished high school in Turkey and was only 17 years old when the family moved.

During her first four years in Denmark, Günes thought she would return to live in Turkey one day. However, she
entered college to become a dental technician. She did very well in her classes, but needed to find an internship
to graduate. She sent many applications and got no reply. Thus, Günes had to give up being a dental technician.

She decided to change tracks and try to qualify as a laboratory technician instead. In order to do so
Günes took some extra classes in physics and mathematics first. Once she got accepted in her new
school, Günes decided to look for a mentor, someone who would help her find the internship this time

Günes was matched with Christine. Christine studied microbiology and has a PhD in Food Science.
At that time, she was working for a large pharmaceutical company and expecting her second child.

Christine decided to become a mentor because she found KVINFO’s program interesting, but also
because she knew the feeling of being uncertain about which way to go: She had taken a year off
after her Ph.D, to think about and find out what she would do next. Furthermore, Christine had a
good professional network and she was willing to use it to help someone else.

Günes and Christine had contact quite often. They saw each other regularly while Christine was on
maternity leave, and used e-mail, telephone calls and text messaging.

They worked on Günes’s projects at laboratory school, focusing on structure and language. Günes
finished the theoretical part with top scores, and both of them felt very pleased. Next, they worked
on finding an internship for Günes, which happened just few weeks after. From there, they practiced
job-hunting techniques which resulted in Günes being hired to work at a lab in a hospital in Copenhagen.

Günes and Christine are still matched. They are working on a new goal: Günes is going to be very
good at speaking English soon.


Like Gunes, I have reached a dead end regarding finding a job inspite of having a degree from a Danish university.Really, this mentoring project is a last resort. I am wondering if it will work? I am eagerly  waiting to see !

Well done Christine for your help  and congratulations Gunes for achieving your goal.

Wishing you the best in learning English.

Without doubt learning to speak another language is a must. If it werenºt for english I would not be able to understand the goal of this interesting danish project. Thanks for sharing it through the net. Jose Ramón from Brasil

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