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About the conference

Mentoring and Networking:

Women Building Trust & Social Capital in Our Cities

The Black Diamond, Copenhagen, 20-21 November


Finding a job is of critical importance to immigrant and refugee women all over the world. Being unemployed usually leads to social and professional isolation. Mentoring is one strategy to address this complex issue.

Considered the largest of its kind in the world, KVINFO’s Mentor Network is specifically designed to accelerate the success of immigrant women in finding jobs that match their qualifications and personal goals.The key to its success is a mentoring model based on trust, exchange of knowledge and professional networking.
The program has inspired the creation of similar networks in several other areas within the Danish public and private sectors.

By hosting its first international conference, KVINFO’s Mentor Network aims to reach out and share ideas and experiences on mentoring and networking with individuals, institutions and organizations beyond Denmark’s borders.

Read more about KVINFO’s Mentor Network in Danish or in English

The conference
KVINFO’s Mentor Network will play host to people in interest groups, organizations and institutions from Denmark and the rest of the world.
The conference format includes presentations, workshops, special interest groups and social activities designed to allow dialogue, interaction and networking.

Sessions and workshops will focus on the drivers for establishing and developing mentor networks, on actions to foster mentor networks at local, national, regional and international level, and on mapping the mentor networks of the future. The interest groups will explore concrete examples and benchmarks to provide a greater understanding of the role that mentoring and networking have and will play, as well as the challenges, benefits and needs associated.

All sessions, workshops and group discussions will be in English.

The conference is organized in corporation with and with support from: The Royal Library of Denmark, The Municipality of Copenhagen, The Danish Embassy in Berlin, Madrid, Paris & London, The International Press Centre, International Press Initiativ, The British Council, The newspaper Politikens Fond , Topdanmark Fonden and The Oak Foundation Denmark.

It will be held at The Black Diamond.

For further information about the conference programme, please contact:
KVINFO’s Mentor Network
tel.: +45 33 13 50 88
email: mnw@kvinfo.dk

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